Life is what you make it.  I do my best to make mine interesting and purposeful.   I spend most of my time away from work divided between spending time with family and pursuing new adventures – It’s the best of both worlds when I can do both at the same time.


My beautiful little girl. Kennedy is curious, excited, and always fun to be with. She loves to help out whenever she can - unless it involves putting away her toys...
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My Partner in crime. You'll find her by my side (if I'm lucky) making life enjoyable, whether we're enjoying a night spent at home, or diving a distant underwater shipwreck.
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Mom & Dad

These folks changed my diapers - and that is gross. They've always supported me, and I'd be nothing without them! They deserve an award for putting up with me all this time.
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Coolest sister ever! She's a stage technician and spends her free time as an amateur aerialist climbing silks. There's no wonder we spent so much time monkeying around!
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Kennedy on her 2nd Birthday


Having a child has taught me a few lessons for life… many the same as most parents — Patience and Forgiveness have certainly been a couple, but more importantly Kennedy has taught me to enjoy life, to plan for the future, but live in the now.  Perhaps the the biggest lesson this six year old is still teaching me, is that of compassion for others – She seeks out and stands up for smaller children and those not as fortunate as herself, then she treats them as equals, she listens to them, and she passes no judgement…

As her student, I am still learning…
As her daddy, I couldn’t be prouder.


I've been paddling ever since I was Kennedys' age, back when my dad would take me camping from a canoe in a local river. Kayaking is great exercise and I love the time it gives me to explore and reflect.


Diving is the newest of the hobbies. I'm a certified Rescue Diver, and I firmly believe every dive is a good dive - from fresh water springs to saltwater shipwrecks. I love the exploration, and the technical knowledge that the sport requires.


Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. I picked out this little piece of American steel a few years back, and love to take drives with the top down on sunny days. It just feels right - every part seems well thought out and built with purpose.


I’m just too lucky.  I certainly don’t deserve someone as amazing as Kayli. She’s my partner in crime, and she supports me in everything that I do.  I really never knew what this love could be until I met her.

Kayli loves Sports, mainly Cubs Baseball and Boilermaker football, but I think I may be slowly winning her over to appreciate FSU as well.  She’s my SCUBA buddy too! making sure I don’t go exploring too far into the underwater caves, but always up for the adventure and pointing out all sorts of new underwater animals to me.

Really, what I’m trying to say is that I love her.  She’s more fun to be around than I can possibly describe.  And you really should wish you were me.


Having worked in manufacturing for the baking industry, I've been all over the place to assist installing equipment. I also have friends spread all across the country - so it helps that I enjoy traveling.


I was born an FSU Seminole Fan, and became a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs later life. We came awfully close this year, but as they say: There's always next year...


Sailing started early in life on my Grandfathers' sailboat -- I've loved it ever since.
I got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies
I'm flippin burgers, you at Kinko's straight flippin copies

Mom & Dad

When these two crazy kids aren’t busy jet-setting around the world, they’re at home in Georgia.

Dad is the President and Chief Engineer of the Family Business my grandfather founded. They design, produce, and install custom bakery equipment in large scale bakeries across the globe.

Mom retired from nursing a few years back, and now spends most of her time chasing Kennedy around, and generally making sure all of us in the family are well taken care of.

There really isn’t enough that can be said about how much these two have done for me and all of the family. I owe all I have to their efforts and determination while my sister and I were growing up.

They Love me.
I Love them.
That pretty much sums it up.




I’ll say it again… Coolest sister ever!

Ashley is awesome. Every time I get a chance to visit with her, we end up staying awake, talking, and laughing until the sun comes up the next morning.

Ashley is infinitely approachable and thoughtful – which makes good conversation naturally flow. She is at home talking philosophy just as much as she is writing silly songs and creating characters from fruit to get a laugh.

She’s an amateur aerialist, and I’ll freely admit that I barely know what that means – but she’s pretty good at it and it makes her happy.
That makes me happy.

You can find Ashley in Athens, GA on a stage somewhere – either in front of or behind the curtain.