How I see it…

Growth comes from overcoming obstacles, both big and small.  My goal is to continually grow and improve — to identify worthy challenges and work like hell to overcome them. My desire to is improve on everything I come in contact with, to be the best father, manager, and human I can be.  I’ll be a success by inspiring success in those around me, and managing the processes in my life and business to not only minimize potential losses, and seize opportunities for success, but to create inspiring wins.



A look at my family, friends, and hobbies.   My perspectives on life and the things that I enjoy, from kayaking and sailing to SCUBA and sports.



Find out how to contact me, whether you think we could work together on a business opportunity, or you’re an old friend who misplaced my number years ago, I’d love to hear from you.



My achievements, along with a few of my thoughts on the best ways I believe we can foster success in the workplace, from metrics and KPI’s to social interactions and building trust.

love life.

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